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Good Dog Dept.

Last weekend, I visited Pitfall Kennels, a 25-acre dog breeding preserve in Fairburn, Georgia, run by the little brother of Outkast’s Antwan “Big Boi” Patton. James Patton—who raps under the moniker ‘Lil Brotha’—does the daily work (40 pounds of digested dog food makes a lot of poop) required to raise the two or three dozen […]

Colt in Haiti, the Longer Version

Last October, I went to Haiti with Johnny Colt, the founding bassist of the Black Crowes. Colt is now an “all platform journalist,” and he was in Haiti doing what he calls journalism. (It was his second trip, and he’s since been back, iReporting for CNN.) Here’s a slightly longer version of the little story […]

Deleted Scenes: Final Exit

[Note: This is a scene cut from my March 2010 Atlanta magazine feature on the right-to-die advocacy group Final Exit Network. In it, I visit one of the best hospices in Atlanta, and witness the struggle of a dying man. Everyone seemed to be doing his best to care for this man, who has since […]

Death Of A Swinger

At first he was just part of a story, one that I wrote about a bygone place in Atlanta called Riverbend. He was the man at the center of a revolution down by a lazy curve in the Chattahoochee: Riverbend, in the 1970s, was arguably the most infamous singles apartment complex in the short, debauched […]