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Donald Young and the Parking Meter

It’s good to be Young again (#hopefully) “Show me some love!” shouts Donald Young. The twenty-two-year-old is returning serves at Georgia Tech’s Bill Moore Indoor Tennis Center, off 10th Street, in late October, and he just hit a forehand into the tape. “Again,” says Mike Sell. The United States Tennis Association’s national coach is standing […]

Jump Ship: Ranch for Sale in Mosquero, NM

The essential details: “920 acres with two houses, lots of water & wildlife for $339,000. We would also consider selling 2,886 acres at $359.00 per acre. This is well below appraisal, & we will retain mineral & wind rights.” I reported a story there last September for Outside magazine, and can vouch for the property’s […]

Dept. of Ambulation: Mind the Gap

On a recent morning, a familiar voice reminded passengers disembarking the 110 on Metro North’s Harlem line to “please watch the gap between the train and the platform.” For once, the automated warning bore repeating: the gap here was substantial. Unaccustomed to riders getting off at the Appalachian Trail Station (no more than a few […]

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Insufficient words to follow. And more photos below right.