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Dept. of Ambulation: Mind the Gap

On a recent morning, a familiar voice reminded passengers disembarking the 110 on Metro North’s Harlem line to “please watch the gap between the train and the platform.” For once, the automated warning bore repeating: the gap here was substantial. Unaccustomed to riders getting off at the Appalachian Trail Station (no more than a few […]

ASAP Department: Bad Check

Thank you, “Mark Smith,” for today’s lesson in internet economics. Last week, at 3:51 a.m., you replied to my Craigslist posting about a bike. You asked if my “item” was still available for sale. I said, “Yes, call me about the bike.” Instead of calling, you emailed me again—again about the item. First from, […]

Dept. of Pieces Killed by The New Yorker

[Note: This gossipy Talk piece was assigned by The New Yorker and written in February of 2009. It was killed a month or so later for want of certain plot developments. The main subject, Seun Adebiyi, has since graduated from Yale Law School, been diagnosed with a rare and lethal kind of bone cancer, publicly […]