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Donald Young and the Parking Meter

It’s good to be Young again (#hopefully) “Show me some love!” shouts Donald Young. The twenty-two-year-old is returning serves at Georgia Tech’s Bill Moore Indoor Tennis Center, off 10th Street, in late October, and he just hit a forehand into the tape. “Again,” says Mike Sell. The United States Tennis Association’s national coach is standing […]

John Rocker’s House

John Rocker, now 36, lives in the suburbs of Atlanta. I’m profiling him, eleven years after his Sports Illustrated meltdown, in the May issue of Atlanta Magazine. For the profile, I talked to Jeff Pearlman, author of the infamous SI piece; Otis Nixon, former coke addict, Braves outfielder, and Rocker’s unlikely best friend; as well […]

Holyfield’s Latest—and Perhaps Last—Fight

This past Saturday, forty-eight-year-old Evander Holyfield fought his fifty-sixth professional boxing fight. In his twenty-seven-year career, he’s fought an average of twice a year, though that frequency has slowed considerably over the past decade, as many have called for the retirement of the former four-time heavyweight world champion. He’s lately landed in the headlines most […]

Jump Ship: Ranch for Sale in Mosquero, NM

The essential details: “920 acres with two houses, lots of water & wildlife for $339,000. We would also consider selling 2,886 acres at $359.00 per acre. This is well below appraisal, & we will retain mineral & wind rights.” I reported a story there last September for Outside magazine, and can vouch for the property’s […]

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Insufficient words to follow. And more photos below right.

Fragment from an Autobiography: Numismatics for Kids

I went to conventions when I was very young. They were for people who collected coins: Old men with nervous hands and fancy watches and thick glasses. And, once in a while, their sons. “Numismatists,” my father said. “That’s what we’re called.” There is something reassuring about coins kept in a book. Especially pennies, with […]

ASAP Department: Bad Check

Thank you, “Mark Smith,” for today’s lesson in internet economics. Last week, at 3:51 a.m., you replied to my Craigslist posting about a bike. You asked if my “item” was still available for sale. I said, “Yes, call me about the bike.” Instead of calling, you emailed me again—again about the item. First from, […]

Dept. of Healed Body Parts: Evander’s Ear

This morning I interviewed Evander Holyfield in his 109-room palace in southwest Atlanta. During the course of our three hour conversation, he showed me his right ear—the one that Mike Tyson chomped in 1997, en route to a second straight Holyfield victory. Here’s how the ear looks now (apologies for poor picture quality; I used […]