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Category Archives: Politics

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“Anybody Can Shoot An AR” : Florida Gun Owners Weigh Regulations After Parkland

The Racists Trying To Exploit The Parkland Shooting

The Heartbreak And Frustration Of Covering One Mass Shooting After Another

What Young Republicans in Georgia Liked About Trump’s State of the Union Address

A Kurdish Family In Syria, Feeling Betrayed By The U.S., Tries To Survive A Turkish Bombing

What’s Scary About Shutting Down The C.D.C.

What It Felt Like In Hawaii When Warning Of An In-Bound Missile Arrived

Carrier Employees Feel Betrayed By Donald Trump

Fighting Over Trump At The Georgia-Alabama Game

How the Trump Resistance Went Pro in Alabama

Scenes from Doug Jones’s Unlikely Victory Party in Alabama

Getting Out the Black Vote in Alabama

A Conversation with Doug Jones

Roy Moore’s Supporters Rail At Establishment Republicans

When Roy Moore Wore Tights

Republican Women in Alabama Sound Off on Moore

Unlike Their Elders, Young Republicans in Alabama Wrestle With The Roy Moore Allegations

Roy Moore’s Disingenuous Defense

Roy Moore And Teen Girls At The Mall

Roy Moore’s Supporters Stand By Their Candidate

Tending To The Wounded After The Mass Shooting in Texas


Hold The Phony

Review of “American Wolf”

Why Roy Moore’s Law-School Professor Nicknamed Him Fruit Salad

‘That Was When The Fear Hit’: A Survivor’s Account of the Las Vegas Shooting

‘I Sell Tools’: A Las Vegas Firearms Dealer Who Sold Guns To Stephen Paddock

Tom Price Still Has Fans In The Georgia Sixth

Sarah Palin Promises Alabamans That a Vote for Roy Moore is a Vote for Trumpism

“I Don’t Like Either One”

Putting Outkast On a Confederate Monument

What a White Supremacist Told Me After Donald Trump Was Elected

A Witness to Terrorism in Charlottesville

The View From Guam

The Head of the Freedom Caucus Faces His Constituents

What the Layoffs Look Like at the Carrier Plant Trump Said He’d Save