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Category Archives: The South

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How Religious Freedom Laws Became A Flashpoint In The Georgia Governor’s Race

Rural Georgians Want Medicaid, But They’re Divided On Stacey Abrams, The Candidate Who Wants To Expand It

Could Smithfield Foods Have Prevented the “Rivers of Hog Waste” in North Carolina After Florence?

The Georgia Governor’s Race, As Seen By An Atlanta Barbershop’s Influential Patrons

A Company Owner Ask His Customers For Understanding—And Help—After Raising Prices In The Wake Of Trump’s Steel Tariffs

A Capital Gazette Reporter Prepares To Cover The Trial Of The Suspected Killer of His Colleagues

A Capital Gazette Alum Returns To Annapolis

Putting Out The Capital Gazette, A Week After The Shootings

When All Else Fails, There Is Mud

What Two Starbucks Employees Made Of The Company’s Anti-Bias Training

Stacey Abrams Makes History In The Georgia Primary

In Rural Georgia, Black Stacey And White Stacey Face Off

“This Is A Dream I Can’t Wake Up From”

A Student Survivor Recounts the Mass Shooting at Santa Fe High School


The Strange, Stark Imagery of the N.R.A. Convention

Touring the N.R.A.’s Annual Convention

Trump Talks At The N.R.A. Convention

Sean Who? An Afternoon in Hannityville

Waste Not

Stacey Abrams, The Candidate for Georgia Governor Who Could Make History

Parents And Students From Stoneman Douglas Take Sides In The Florida Senate Race

The Seemingly Random And Definitely Worrisome Cyberattack On Atlanta

The Troubled Tenure of Scott Israel, Sheriff of Broward County

Stolen Moments of Solitude At The World’s Busiest Airport

Sign Here, Mom And Dad: Parkland Teenagers Craft A Gun Control Contract

A Freshman At Stoneman Douglas Returns to School

How To Make A Hate Map

Twenty Minutes From Parkland, Teachers Work On Their Shooting Skills

A Teacher At Marjory Stoneman Douglas Returns To School

Two Funerals, A Viewing, And A Vigil: A Teenager’s Sunday in Parkland

“Anybody Can Shoot An AR” : Florida Gun Owners Weigh Regulations After Parkland

The Racists Trying To Exploit The Parkland Shooting

Students At Stoneman Douglas Try To Understand The Shooting They Survived

The Heartbreak And Frustration Of Covering One Mass Shooting After Another

What Young Republicans in Georgia Liked About Trump’s State of the Union Address